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Mike, author

Mike is a recent graduate of Calvin College where he studied Linguistics and Sociology. He writes a lot about his family, so you should know he has a mom, a dad, an older brother (married with baby), twin sister, and younger brother. He loves coffee, movies, and music.

For more of his writing, along with his other creative work, check out his website: michaelentz.co

photo by Hailey Jansson

Sleepover, theme music

Austin, author

Austin is a life long student (he says this because he'll probably never finish his degree). At a young age he was captivated and inspired by storytelling. He likes to write stories, but loves to tell them even more. He loves cities, the smell of tobacco, and making impulse decisions. He is a tinkerer and loves to fix and restore things, including turntables and cell phones. He likes to say that he is a "minimalist hoarder". Austin has a wife, a son, and a cat.


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From Grand Rapids, Michigan, Sleepover is three college friends making guitar pop and rock songs about stuff that might sounds dumb to say out loud to someone.


They believe in jamming until it clicks, earnest storytelling, unspoken affection, and Taco Bell.